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About the Book

From the devastation of the Great War, the United States of America rose as one of the world’s superpowers. But how did it come into place?

Historian and journalist James F. Dunn answers that question in the United States of Empire. His in-depth treatment of facts presents and interesting perspective on the rise of the US to imperial status through both World Wars I & II.

It’s time to review your world history—and James Dunn has the book for it.


About the Author

James Dunn is a dedicated historian and journalist who lives in Woonsocket Rhode Island. He has had his own radio show “Sheamus’ Slant” on WNRI and was a reporter at the Kent County Times in West Warwick Rhode Island.

He has just returned from Europe studying the Battle of the Bulge and plans his next book on that subject.


The United States of Empire claims that the US has become a de-facto empire, though no politician will ever claim that this is true. The evidence of the twentieth century is clear. The United States began 1900 as a second-rate military power, but with great potential. The United States was the deciding factor in two world wars where the main antagonists where fighting to preserve or create an empire; the United Kingdom, Germany, Russia, (France was fighting for survival). At the conclusion of WWII, it was the United States and the Soviet Union Russia that had world wide empires. The UK and France were broke and broken. After World War II, a “Cold War” began between the Soviet Union and the United States with the Berlin Airlift. It ended in 1989 when the Berlin Wall was demolished. The US was the sole superpower, the sole empire. This book will look at the start, it will look at how the US became the United States of Empire.

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